History is full of great ideas and innovations that failed for lack of capital and business skills
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Signa actively invests and supports up and coming businesses. We bring our collective experience to different projects that we feel strongly about.

Please reach out to us if you have an interesting project that we can get excited about, profit or nonprofit.

TouristSim is a global reseller of prepaid SIM cards, allowing travelers to use their mobile devices abroad without incurring excessive roaming costs.

The Signa team are people who love travel, communication and technology. We have many years of hands-on-experience in Telecommunications. We know what’s important when selecting a Mobile Operator and are not fazed by the challenge of doing business in a foreign language and in complex environments. – Divested

In the face of softSIMs introduction to handsets and regulations like Roam like Home, Signa decided to divest the TouristSim engagement.

Safebase is a sensory systems innovation allowing continous monitoring of changes in body weight, sleep quality and presence in bed. The system gives health care providers tools for prevention of conditions such as pressure wounds, nutritional issues and quick interventions in cases of fall related injuries.

Health data is visualised and logged without compromising personal integrity. Data on weight, sleep quality, time in and out of bed and verified visits from night staff are made available with objective reports. (Swedish)

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